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One of the most common questions a Myrtle Beach local is asked almost always begins with "What is the best - ?".

Vacationers want to know what the best resort is. What is the best seafood restaurant? Which condos in Myrtle Beach have the best amenities?

They ask us which condominiums are the cheapest to buy. Which golf condos are the most convenient and well equipped? Which resorts rent by the night?

We are asked which are the best hotels to keep the kids happy. People want to know which Grand Strand hotels and condos allow pets. By far the "Pet Friendly" hotel question is the most popular.

We will try to answer those questions as we pick out a few of our favorites, and the very BEST oceanfront condos...near the Boardwalk, condos on the Waterway, best for children, and happy to accept your pet. We'll throw you a few restaurant tips, and tell your our favorite Myrtle Beach businesses.

New Myrtle Beach Song Recorded!

Myrtle Beach has really been in the media lately, with Welcome to Myrtle Manor and Party Down South, but perhaps nothing has been quite as big or as much of a compliment as Dan and Shay's top-of-the-charts country music hit, "19 + You and Me". For those of us who grew up coming here or living here, this really brings back the memories...

If you're looking for a particular type of accommodation in Myrtle Beach, we hope you'll find it here. If you want to know the best rental management company, ask us!

Let us lead you to the Myrtle Beach Real Estate agency we feel can help you the most.

We'll tell you our favorite Five-star Restaurants. What should you ask before you book your vacation condo or oceanfront hotel? We'll tell you this and more.

Feel free to contact us! We'll be glad to give you our best opinion about the "BEST" of Myrtle Beach, SC.

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