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If you have not spent an unusual amount of time in our area, or really thought long and hard about what kind of amenities are important to you in a Myrtle Beach vacation condo. Whether you are looking at a rental condo or have decided to purchase your perfect vacation home, there are some important requirements that you need to ask your rental or real estate agent. Your rental income (and vacation fund) often depends on being at the best resort in Myrtle Beach. Below are some of the most important amenities that you might want to make a note of:

  • Is the resort OCEANFRONT or across the street from the water?
  • Is the condo itself OCEANFRONT or does it have a side view only?
  • Does the condo have a full sized kitchen and bath? Many times a one bedroom condo is more like a studio. The BEST resorts offer separate bedrooms.
  • Does the resort have a large pool, kiddie pool, lazy river or jacuzzi? Is the pool heated or is it closed in the winter? Is there an indoor or covered pool for colder months?
  • Is it Pet-Friendly?  What are the restrictions?
  • Does the resort have an on-site restaurant or lounge?
  • What kind of parking is provided for the owners? Is it a covered parking lot that is secure? Are the parking spaces marked for each unit? Is it on-site, under the building, or across the street?
  • What part of town is the resort located in? How is the security?
  • If it's a Myrtle Beach Waterway condo, what is needed to purchase or lease a boat-slip? What is the price?
  • If it's a Myrtle Beach golf condo, is membership to the golf course included? Required? What is the cost?
  • How many foreclosures are in the resort, and how has this affected the HOA board and bank balances?
  • How old is the complex? How old is the AC/Heating unit? The best Myrtle Beach resorts are proactive and replace utilities often.(This is very important and often overlooked)
  • How old are the appliances such as fridge, washer and dryer?
  • How much are the HOA fees and does this include insurance?
  • Is Condo HO6 insurance required? (You want it to be)
  • How old is the roof? Do the bottom units flood?
  • If it's an Oceanfront resort, what hurricane protection is in place?
  • Is the HOA a good one? When was the last, and how often do they have extra assessments?
  • How much did the last 5 or 10 condos in that resort sell for?
  • What was the rental income from the last two years? Do they have on-site rental management or is everyone on their own?

These are just some of the important questions you want to be sure you get answers to before deciding to purchase a Myrtle Beach condo. Many of them are also important to know before you finalize renting a vacation condo for a week as well. You want to try and find the best resort in Myrtle Beach for your money BEFORE you book it. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us, and we'll be glad to give your our best opinion as to the BEST condos in Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach, SC.

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