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The new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is now up in all its glory and over a mile of wooden walkways ready to be enjoyed. Stretching from 14th Ave North to 2nd Ave South at the pier, the new boardwalk is one of the smartest things Myrtle Beach has ever come up with to add to the city's beauty and please the tourists.

Main Section of the New Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

The far north and south parts of the Boardwalk are aimed at nature lovers and offer benches and the quiet enjoyment of the beautiful beach and ocean. The mid part, centralized around the old pavilion area and its stores and restaurants is as busy and fun as any of the best boardwalks anywhere in the US! We expect to get more sidewalk cafe-type business, crafts, live entertainment, and all kinds of festivals for the summer!

Scenes from the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

According to the Myrtle Beach city websites, these are some of the attractions planned:

• Live Concerts on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
• A "Kids Carnival" on Monday nights with inflatables, face painters, jugglers,
   balloon artists, stilt walkers and more!
• Wednesday night features an amazing fireworks display off the 2nd Avenue Pier.
• Sunday nights feature juggling, acrobatics, a fire show, stilt walkers, human
   statues and more!
• Thursday features a strolling bagpiper on the Boardwalk and on Friday, a strolling
   Dixieland band.

Festivals and fun at the New Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

There are only a handful of condos that are right on the new Boardwalk. The southern end of it begins at the Second Avenue Pier, and the most notable condos near it are The Windsurfer, Bay View Resort, Holiday Sands North, and the Sandy Beach. At the far north side, the Boardwalk ends at 14th Ave North, and the Yachtsman Resort condos. In between those areas are several small mom and pop hotels, such as the Admiral Inn, Coral Sands, Blake Motel and others. Oddly enough, the strip where the boardwalk was built was one of the few places at either beach where hotels were not replaced by condo highrises during the boom.

Condos On the Boardwalk

If you want to browse the MLS listings for available condos for sale, the C21 Harrelson Group is the place to do that!

New Ferris Wheel and Attractions on the Boardwalk

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