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Just for fun, here are some unusual and interesting photos of the Myrtle Beach area.
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A BIG bird looking for marsh food in Myrtle Beach

Duck at Liberty Steakhouse
A hungry beggar at Liberty Steakhouse at Broadway at the Beach

Myrtle Beach Sunset
One of our more beautiful sunsets in Myrtle Beach

A Boat on the Grand Strand
Boats are one of the favorite pasttimes of any beach resident

A happy dog on the beach
In the fall, winter and spring, dogs are allowed on the beach with a leash.

Riding a horse in Myrtle Beach
Surfside Beach allows horseback riding during the winter months.

The Market Commons Community
Our newest "Lifestyle Community", Market Commons

Pawleys Island Haunted House
One of the historic old beach homes in Pawley's Island. Sure looks haunted to us!

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